Why partner with us?

Investing in the Bowling business will be a profitable decision for you. Choosing the right partner in bowling is an important factor of the decision process so why choose Brunswick?

Brunswick is considered to be the “B” in bowling – the only company that can lay claim to being the first company in bowling from 1890 to the present day under the same brand name and ownership – for over 123 years and still counting.

Brunswick is known worldwide for the quality, reliability and reputation of its products and services – second to none and offering a full line comprehensive equipment range to support your new business development from day one through to day to day operation.

Brunswick has 123 years track record of being the industry leader in bringing state of the art, innovative products to the bowling industry, from automatic pinsetters to synthetic lanes, Cosmic Bowling and automatic scoring systems, Brunswick has always been at the forefront of the product evolution process.

Brunswick is the chosen partner for many of the industry leading bowling operators in the USA and worldwide.

Brunswick is the preferred partner of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) in the USA.

Brunswick was the chosen bowling equipment supplier for the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada all 78 lanes and continues to be the partner / supplier of choice to Bowling Federations worldwide.

Brunswick has all the resources and services available through its worldwide distributor network –which includes Bowling Vision Ltd in the UK & Ireland to help new investors in the development of the initial business plan through to a fully operating centre and beyond.

So whether for purely Leisure / Recreation or Sport and anywhere in between Brunswick is the BEST Choice – full stop!

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