Why invest in Tenpin Bowling?

Bowling Vision Ltd, being a Brunswick distributor, means we rely on our expertise and actual customers’ performance to consult with you on the opportunities different business models can actually provide.

The financial performance of any center will be driven by several key points.

  • Business model – Traditional, Boutique, FEC, Hybrid
  • Location and demographics
  • Attractions or venues that are offered in addition to bowling
  • Square footage of venues and total facility
  • Operational excellence

Bowling is a proven solid Investment that offers:

  • An operating cash flow of up to 40%.
  • High Profit Margins with no Cost of Sales inventory.
  • A Return on Investment in less than 4 years
  • Performance fairly resistant to downs in the economy
  • Cash Based business with no receivables and low inventory 

Bowling Has Universal appeal

  • From 3 – 93, young, old, novice or pro, all manner of people enjoy bowling for: Leisure & Recreation, Socialisation & Sport
  • Bowling is easy to learn offering all year round days and evenings of fun in any kind of weather
  • Bowling Has Strong Participation
  • Bowling is the largest participation sport /activity in the world
  • Over 100 million people in circa 100 countries bowl at least one game per year
  • In the USA an estimated 70 million people bowl every year
  • In the UK alone an estimated 15 million people bowl every year
  • There are more than 200,000 installed lanes worldwide with over 6000 installed lanes in the UK

Bowling is a well-established business model offering a broad mix of special attractions and can be as a centrepiece of a large FEC complex or as a more traditional bowling centre or as a latest Boutique style centre, all with multiple profit centres generating dependable revenues all year long.

Brunswick Corporation has been and continues to be the leader in the Recreation & Leisure business continuously since 1845, manufacturing superior quality and innovative products for the leisure industry.

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