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Brunswick is a full line supplier of bowling products which are all about quality, reliability, innovation, performance, and integrity – plus many other competitive advantages that Brunswick has to offer – our individual Product categories below allow you to explore Brunswick’s robust and comprehensive line of Products, that are designed to provide users with the best of efficiency for centre operations, as well as creating unique and exciting environments for the bowling customers.


Spark™ is the industry’s first immersive, interactive scoring experience. Spark surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes. Spark engages every segment of entertainment seekers with software-driven technology and innovation that’s built for tomorrow but delivered today. Learn More >>


The world has come light-years since the days Brunswick virtually reinvented the bowling business by introducing things like the world’s first automated pinsetters and automatic scoring system. Now, Sync is set to rocket the industry forward again, with the most advanced and capable scoring and management system ever offered. Learn More >>


The center stage furniture range has been carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to enhance the customer’ experience, encouraging longer stays with the ability to cater for large groups easily. Longer stays generally translate into more Food & Beverage and Amusement sales so an important aspect to get right. Learn More >>


Brunswick Masking Graphic panels span two lanes to grammatically provide an exciting visual scene right in front of the bowlers’ eyes. You can choose from hundreds of Brunswick design sets or use Brunswick’s custom design service to create your own Masking Graphic / panel artwork as another unique feature that runs across the whole centre width. Learn More >>


Brunswick introduced the bowling industry’s first viable synthetic lane in 1983 to give centre operators and bowlers alike the best available and most cost effective bowling surface .Today, Brunswick Pro Lane™ and Anvilane™ are still the highest scoring, most attractive, full-featured and longest-lasting lanes in the business – Brunswick’s innovation continues with a whole range of different and  exciting graphics / colours that can make your lane panels truly unique with Ultimate, Transform  and Colorfull options that are only limited by your imagination. Learn More >>


Keeping your lanes in top condition and clean is just as important (and more so) for the casual / leisure bowler as it is for more serious league or tournament bowlers. Giving the casual bowler a few more pins on their score will encourage repeat business – time after time. Brunswick has the complete range of Automatic Lane Cleaning and Conditioning machines to suit any budget and centre size. Learn More >>


Brunswick invented the world’s first viable Automatic Pinsetter and continues today with the same innovation and motivation to keep bowlers bowling and centres operating round the clock. Today means a choice between Brunswick’s budget StringPin Pinsetter for residential, or more recreational / leisure business model centres to the awarding winning, undisputed leader for pinsetting performance and reliability– the GS-X free-fall Pinsetter. Learn More >>

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